Wybierz region

Onboard Camera System

The Onboard Camera System responds to requests from operators to improve their working conditions and is manufactured under license from CEA*. The camera is directly fixed onto the tongs. It is a small cylindrical camera (approximately 500g) and is available in black and white (9V) or in color (6V).

OnBoard Camera for Telemanipulator
Onboard Camera

A light-weight system for onboard visual assistance in hot cells

  • Precision and Proximity : the zoom system and the position of the camera close to the products improve work accuracy
  • Increase in productivity and quality : the remote screen improves operator working conditions
  • Security : supervision is enabled by the use of recording software
  • Mobility and Accessibility : inside the cell, the camera can view any part that a manipulator can reach. Small and light, it does not hamper the manipulator arm
  • Economic and sustainable : lower manufacturing price in comparison with shielded cameras. A shielded box for safe storage inside the cell extends the life of the camera
  • Adaptable in options and settings : zoom, light-weight, shielded storage box, cell stand, parking fixture for tongs

*CEA : Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives


The onboard camera is, usually, clipped onto the cylindrical joint between the booting and the tongs. It can also be mounted on a specifically designed stand inside the hot cell.

The power is supplied through a cabling system via the electrical supply installation of the hot cell, and potentially via the remote manipulator cabling system.