Wybierz region


MT200 Master-Slave Manipulator, with disconnectable telescopic arms, has been designed for heavy duty operation in large and medium sized cells requiring high level performance. The MT200 can cope with heavy loads and has a maximum 4m extension capacity.

MT 200
MT200 remote manipulator

A remote manipulator for medium and large cells

  • Perfectly fits large cells
  • 6 models (varying slave arm length)
  • Fully or partially balanced (depending on the version)
  • Clamping force at tongs is 20 kg
  • Capacity at hook is 80 kg
  • Both arms have 7 degrees of freedom, reproducing complete movement (comparable with the human arm)


The wide range of functional accessories makes the MT200 a precise tool for all types of operations.


Handling and setting down device

Lifting device (long) for master arm installation

Lifting device (short) for master arm installation

Device for horizontal positioning of the slave arm after removal of the master arm, where the arm cannot be removed from the front due to lack of space

Push-through system to replace the thru-tube for a sealed thru-tube manipulator (when the thru-tube is removed into the cell interior)

Stacker to install the manipulator when no lifting device is available


Parking fixture for jaws and tongs

Parking fixture for wrist joint.

Aluminium or titanium tongs.

Tongs extension (installed between wrist joint and jaws) and its parking fixture.

Slave arm extender (installed between arm and wrist joint) and its parking fixture.

Fixed or disconnectable jaws, various jaws shapes can be adapted.


Maintenance toolkit

Toolkit and tools

Maintenance tool kit.

Tool for setting the slave arm horizontal position (for the disconnectable model)