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The X and Y axes are fitted with electrical offset motors, with full balancing.
Load performance at tongs is 12 daN full spectrum.
MT120 is available in 3 arm sizes (short, medium or long slave arm) and 2 versions : one piece / master arm disconnectable. For the disconnectable version, the connection/disconnection is fast and straightforward. Available for thru-tube diameters of 7.5" (190.5 mm) and 10" (254 mm).


A remote manipulator for medium and large cells

  • Perfectly fits medium/large cells
  • 3 models : short, medium and long
  • Flexible configuration (slave arm length)
  • Fully balanced
  • Clamping force at tongs is 12 kg
  • Both arms have 7 degrees of freedom, reproducing complete movement (comparable with the human arm)


A range of accessories provides full operational efficiency and security to LaCalhene telemanipulator users.

Lifting device

Handling and installation lifting device


Storage trolley

Pneumatic ejection device

Pneumatic ejection device for replacing the booting

Parking fixture

Parking fixture for tongs, jaws and sealed adaptor disconnection and connection

Maintenance tool kit

Maintenance tool kit

Positioning Tool

Tool for setting the slave arm horizontal position (for disconnectable version)