Nuclear Range

Protection is our business

LaCalhene is an equipment manufacturer specializing in protection

Protecting humans in a hostile environment

Protecting a product against the surrounding environment

Protecting the environment against hazardous products


An installed base world-wide

With equipment installed on 6 continents, we supply the nuclear industry worldwide.

LaCalhene provides complete expertise from design right through to maintenance for our products and services.

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The CEFE system

A solution for large volume, wide diameter transfer applications.

Watch and discover MT200 TAO

A new generation manipulator, fully electrically powered with software control.


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News & Events

La Calhène celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2020

La Calhène was founded in 1960 by Jean-Pierre Cazalis and Pierre Tiélhen. Production started in the garage of a house in Bezons (95) near Paris, with orders for antineutron barriers made of polyethylene for CEA Cadarache site.

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LaCalhene’s participation at EANM 2019

Attendees could have a hands-on session with advice from our expert, Samuel Kervoern. The MA 30 is a mechanical articulated remote manipulator designed for gloves boxes and small cells.

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Transfer of samples from the core of Fukushima reactor

Using LaCalhene’s PADIRAC and DPTE® technology to transfer and contain the samples.

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