Getinge La Calhène

Nuclear Range

Protection is our business

Getinge La Calhène is an equipment manufacturer specializing in protection

Protecting humans in a hostile environment

Protecting a product against the surrounding environment

Protecting the environment against hazardous products


Worldwide install base

With equipment on 6 continents and a worldwide installed base, we supply both the healthcare and the nuclear industries.

We also provide a complete expertise from design right through to maintenance for our products and services.

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Getinge-La Calhène
1, rue du Comté de Donegal
41102 Vendôme cedex, France

Tel.: +33 254 734 747
Fax : +33 254 734 748

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The CEFE system

A solution for large volume, wide diameter transfer applications.

Watch and discover MT200 TAO

A new generation manipulator, fully electrically powered with software control.


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