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The PADIRAC shielded container is a reliable, simple solution for moving equipment / materials / waste into or out of any Alpha, Beta or Gamma containment while maintaining confinement, and with full protection against radiation.

Available with full certification, the PADIRAC is used throughout the world, with over 170 systems in use in 2013.


A tried and tested system for internal transfer and public road transport

  • Radiation protection : lead shield and shielded sliding door
  • Leak-tight protection : DPTE® container
  • Elastic crash resistance : Transport shell (balsa wood)
  • Temperature resistance : Plaster protection
  • Full range of accessories for simplified handling


Lifting Fork

Lifting Fork

Transport Cover

Transport Cover for road transport

Transportation Shell

Transportation Shell : resistant to shock and fire, for shipment on public roads

Cask Stand

Cask Stand for stability when immobile

Table Shield

Table Shield

PTS Support

PTS Support

Protective Cover

Protective Cover for site storage



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