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DPTE® Transfer System

The unique DPTE® device - Double Porte pour Transfert Etanche (Double Door for Sealed Transfer) is the cornerstone of LaCalhene's safe transfer solutions.

The system is based on the interaction between two separate units - "Alpha" and "Beta" - with interlocking tabs and opposing seals. The Alpha part is mounted on the containment wall while the Beta part is sealed to the end of a closed container.

DPTE Transfer System

Secure connection between two volumes

  • Simple operation, easy to convert to different functions.
  • A large selection of container materials, types and sizes available to fit most contained transfer applications.
  • Stainless steel or Polyethylene doors
  • Manually, electrically or pneumatically operated
  • Standard diameters: 105, 190, 270, 350, 460 mm
  • With or without mechanical interlocks
  • With or without configuration sensors






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