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The AGNES shielded container is a secure solution for a highly specific application : transport of irradiated fuel elements. These may be loaded under water and unloaded in an alpha, beta or gamma containment without breaking the gamma protection and the alpha seal of the DPTE® Double Door transfer system.

AGNES has been designed to comply with IAEA regulations for the transport of highly contaminated material in very safe conditions.

AGNES cask
AGNES cask

A cask for transporting material on public roads - load under water or in hot cells and unload in shielded zones

  • Equipped with a DPTE® Double Door inner container
  • May be loaded under water
  • Inner container provides excellent heat exchange with the shielded containment
  • Thermal and mechanical protection
  • Double envelope and thermal insulation
  • Top covers with energy absorbent spacers to protect against shock


Support cradle

Docking table

Pushing rod

Lifting device

Degassing tool

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