La Calhène celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2020

La Calhène was founded in 1960 by Jean-Pierre Cazalis and Pierre Tiélhen. Production started in the garage of a house in Bezons (95) near Paris, with orders for antineutron barriers made of polyethylene for CEA Cadarache site.

A wide range of transfer/transport and manipulation equipment has been developed since that time, mainly in partnership with the CEA and ORANO (ex COGEMA). The transport casks, remote manipulators and the DPTE® System for safe leaktight transfer are all manufactured in strict regulatory compliance to protect both the operators and their environment. The latest generation of computer-assisted TAO telemanipulators incorporate robotization and electronic connections to improve working conditions, ergonomics and dosimetry, by providing extra protection for operators.

The technology designed for the nuclear industry has been applied in other areas, in particular the biopharmaceutical field with barrier isolators and accessories for leaktight transfer: DPTE® Alpha ports with a complete range of accessories including re-usable rigid Beta containers and flexible ultra-clean single-use bags (DPTE-BetaBag®) for aseptic transfer.

Today the company premises are next to the TGV station in Vendôme (41), 170 km south of Paris. In 2006 following its acquisition by the Swedish group Getinge, the company became Getinge - La Calhène. In 2020, the firm is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

The best is yet to come!