Moving highly contaminating and radioactive materials inside a site or on public roads.

Transport casks are shielded containers for the transfer and transport of high activity and contaminating materials. LaCalhene supplies two types of transport cask: PADIRAC and AGNES, each with integrated DPTE® double door system for safe transfer without breaking containment.

A shock-resistant, fire-resistant transportation shell is used to ship PADIRAC and AGNES shielded casks on public roads. This shell, in conformity with IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) international transport regulations, eliminates the risk of radioactivity and contamination after accidental situations. The standard test includes a nine-meter drop and a 800°C fire lasting 30 minutes.

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A cask for transporting material on public roads - load under water or in hot cells and unload in shielded zones.


A tried and tested system for internal transfer and public road transport.