Transferring products in complete safety

For safe connection between 2 closed volumes with the same ambiance. Our proven transfer systems use DPTE® technology (Double Porte de Transfert Etanche - double door for leaktight transfer) for fast, safe, reliable transfers. This patented transfer device is based on the interaction of two separate units - the Alpha part and the Beta part - each with a door and two closing and sealing functions. The fixed Alpha part is mounted on the containment wall while the Beta part can adapt to any type of mobile equipment (container, bag, cask, tunnel, etc.).

The DPTE® system was developed in the 1960's for nuclear applications: waste removal, sample transfer and equipment insertion inside cells. Pharmaceutical applications followed in the late 1970's. More than 30,000 DPTE® systems are in use worldwide.

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DPTE® Transfer System

Secure connection between two volumes.

CEFE System

A solution for large volume, wide diameter transfer applications.