Remote Manipulation

Safe working inside a hot cell

Manipulators are remotely controlled devices which allow operators to handle contaminated items from a protected zone some distance away. 

LaCalhene offers a comprehensive range of remote manipulators for the nuclear industry, ranging from the MA30, a simple, dexterous, small capacity model (3 daN), to the MT200, a large capacity (20 daN) telescopic arm. Between these two products the MA11.80 and the MT120 offer capacities of 7 and 12 daN. LaCalhene provides also computer-aided robotized manipulators: the MT 200 TAO.

A shock-resistant, fire-resistant transportation shell is used to ship PADIRAC and AGNES shielded casks on public roads. This shell, in conformity with IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) international transport regulations, eliminates the risk of radioactivity and contamination after accidental situations. The standard test includes a nine-meter drop and a 800°C fire lasting 30 minutes.

A full range of accessories is available for each manipulator, for ease of use and simple change-over.

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A compact remote manipulator for glove boxes and small cells.


A featherlight manipulator, for small and medium size cells.


A remote manipulator for medium and large cells.


A remote manipulator for medium and large cells.


A new generation manipulator, fully electrically powered with software control.


A computer-assisted master-slave manipulator.

Onboard Camera System

A light-weight system for onboard visual assistance in hot cells.