Radiopharmacy in India with LaCalhene telemanipulators

Our technician recently installed MT120 manipulators at a site in Mumbai (India).

Photo shows MT120 manipulators on a test bench in France. 

The end-user BRIT (Board of Radiation & Isotope Technology) is an independent unit of the Department of Atomic Energy, which provides products and services based on radiation and isotopes for applications in healthcare, agriculture, research and industry.

The new line of hot cells will enable BRIT to supply a wide range of radiopharmaceuticals to hospitals and medical institutions, so that a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic studies can be carried out on patients.

The MT120 remote manipulators from LaCalhene are mechanical telescopic MSMs designed for medium and large cells with a nominal loading capacity of 12 daN (manufacturer’s test value). Major X and Y motions are equipped with electrical offsets for operator comfort and to increase the working range of the equipment. A complete balancing system that operates irrespective of the tongs’ spatial position contributes further to the work efficiency and operator ergonomics of the MT120 manipulator.