LaCalhene presents the TERMAN TAO at Orano Innovation Days

On April 4th, 2019 as part of Orano's Innovation Days in La Hague, LaCalhene was present on the day dedicated to 'Robotics'.

About 500 guests, who all work for Orano directly and indirectly, had the opportunity to discover our TERMAN TAO and showed great interest in our equipment. 

Since the intervention of TERMAN on the EVAPO R2 in 2017 (an exceptional emergency repair project), the range of TAO products from LaCalhene has become the center of interest of many nuclear players, e.g. for dismantling operations. Our TAO products are computer-assisted telemanipulators.

Commercial projects are under negotiation, we expect to have around 10 systems to manufacture over the next 3 years.

Thanks to the ambitious TERMAN TAO project and our R&D efforts, LaCalhene retains its prominent position in the nuclear sector.