LaCalhene presented its products at HOTLAB 2019

Recently, LaCalhene presented its product range at the 56th edition of the Annual Meeting on Hot Laboratories and Remote Handling – HOTLAB 2019 – at Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu, India.

Pictured in front of LaCalhene’s scientific poster are, left to right, Christophe Selliez, VP Nuclear Activities, LaCalhene, Dr G. Amarendra, Director, IGCAR and Dr R. Divakar, Head of PIE Division, IGCAR.


HOTLAB 2019 congress, which was arranged by the Indira Ghandi Center for Atomic Research (IGCAR), brought together about 170 participants from 20 countries; all of them top experts in the international nuclear sector.

The major industrial players in the nuclear sector were invited, including LaCalhene and its major competitors in remote manipulator manufacturing, and our Hot Cell partners, such as ROBATEL and AQUILA. In nuclear terminology, a Hot Cell is a shielded zone where radioactive material is handled.

“Conversing directly with customers from around the world gave us fresh inspiration and innovative ideas. We introduced the company to new players and gathered information about new projects coming up and the present status of current projects,” says Christophe Selliez, VP Nuclear Activities, LaCalhene.

LaCalhene presented its product range in a booth as well as via a scientific poster about the T-PAD project. In this project, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) in a partnership with the French company CLEO Engineering will use LaCalhene’s PADIRAC shielded transport unit on a remotely controlled T-PAD trolley as part of the dismantling and depollution works at Fukushima in Japan.

“This is the first time HOTLAB has been held in India, and we once again experienced the camaraderie that characterizes the nuclear industry. The high-level congress was a great success,” concludes Christophe Selliez.