Drop test on a LaCalhene DPTE® Stainless Steel nuclear container

LaCalhene Engineering Department recently carried out a drop test on a DPTE® container made of stainless steel, designed for use in the nuclear industry.

The DPTE® 270 (useful diameter 270 mm), 200 mm high container ref. 6007015412 containing 3 glass bottles filled with powder was dropped from a height of 3 meters onto a concrete surface.

The client wished to check whether containment could be maintained, if the container door could be opened and the powder used after the drop.

After filling, the container was tested for integrity using Getinge’s TLT (Transfer Leak Tester). Later it was raised to a height of 3 m in an inclined position with the DPTE® Beta flange underneath, then dropped onto a white sheet of paper.  

No powder was visible on the DPTE® seal or on the paper; the container could not be docked onto a DPTE® Alpha port due to tag damage but the 2 red lines on the container and the flange were still correctly positioned opposite each other: the container door didn’t move during the drop test.

A leak test using the TLT confirmed that the container respected La Calhène DPTE® specifications. The drop test concluded that a DPTE® 270 container will maintain its containment even after a fall of 3 meters.